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Frequently asked questions that may help you

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How does the advice work?

Once you have filled out the form on the Our services page, we will send you an email, to fix a video call or a telephone call based on your available days.

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I already have a CV but I just want to optimize it

That's fine, if you just want a resume makeover, we'll redesign and improve it to make it more interesting for corporate recruiters. The magic of Design.

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How can I view the completed work?

A vaulted over, we'll send you an email with a PDF draft and low resolution watermarked if you like we will send the original, if you want to change, has up to two revisions available.

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What does the advice consist of?

We take 30 minutes or 1 hour to ask you questions to tell us about you and your study and career path, in order to have a profile that can help us enhance your person in the writing phase.

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Do I have a way to choose the design?

Certainly in the Gallery we have many models that are constantly updated, we can start from one of them or from scratch, the choice is up to you.

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What if I don't like what you've done?

You have 2 revisions available, unfortunately no more due to the amount of work and to provide other users like yourself with the same service respecting the set times.

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How many packages are available?

for now we have three:
- Basic-Camping
- Intermediate-Hero

- Pro-Wandelust

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How does the Intermediate-Hero package work?

The Intermediate-Hero package provides advice, the drafting of the Curriculum Vitae and an exclusive cover letter. The cost is Euro 70, to be paid by bank transfer or by card, before providing the service.

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Can I change the package once I have chosen?

Of course, if you are interested in a higher price package, you will only have to forward us the difference in the share of the new package chosen. Otherwise you can choose a package of a lower amount and we will send you the difference no later than 30 working days.

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How does the Basic- Camping package work?

The basic package only provides advice and the preparation of the Curriculum Vitae. The cost is Euro 50 , to be paid by bank transfer or card, before providing the service.

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How does the Pro-Warderlust package work?

The Pro-Wanderlust package provides advice and the drafting of the Curriculum Vitae, cover letter and HR strategies that will allow you to face an interview at the most. The cost is Ero 100, to be paid by bank transfer or card, before the service is provided.

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Have you made the CV but do I need to add other elements?

Once you have completed the CV, if you need to insert new elements or a new qualification or courses recently completed or finally another job, you have 91 days to contact us to add what you need (no costs will be applied before the Expiration date)

Do you have questions? Write to us, we will reply as soon as possible

Thank you for your question, your inquiry has been sent, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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